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Rosenfelder's Flying Wing

X-1 This brief article, which is basically an illustrated footnote, was originally posted in the  № 114 issue of the   Italian aviation magazine   Ali Antiche   as a postil of a larger scope article that covered the history of the Turin based S.T.A.L. Italian aeronautical company. The article takes for granted that the readers know, at least, some history of the S.T.A.L. company (I agree, not a good name for an aircraft manufacturer), and it could be a little obscure; nevertheless, it gives a chance to publish several nice drawings (which were probably never seen before outside of Italy); and it is interesting because it clearly proves that the concept of ultra-low-aspect ratio wings, capable to fly at very high angle of attacks and therefore at very low airspeed, had also intrigued aircraft designers of the Old World, like Willy Rosenfelder.  Your comments, as usual, will be greatly appreciated. Thank you. L. Pavese Probably the most famous of all discoid wing aircraft: