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Variable Geometry for the Masses?

The following is a translation of an article from the July 1932 issue of the Italian aviation magazine  Aeronautica.  The article was taken from the weekly aviation articles review, which spans a century, and that I receive from  Avia-It . Interesting stuff. Let me know what you think (I have my ideas about this). L. Pavese Something is different. The variable-surface airplane. (From the Italian aviation magazine Aeronautica , July 1932) The solution to the problem of varying the lifting surface of an aircraft has interested every country's inventors and engineers, since the beginning of human flight. So far, we haven’t arrived yet to a efficacious solution, or at least to anything that can be adapted to any aircraft. The pictures that we publish show a new German airplane that features a mechanism capable of varying the lifting surface of the wing. The aircraft is an all-metal monoplane with a movable plane that fits within the wing, and tha