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Follow the football.

If you want to understand the Islamist drift, follow women's soccer. By Gianandrea Gaiani. (Translated and adapted by L. Pavese.)                     There is news that is to remain in the shadow and suffer from low visibility, because it concerns themes that are considered marginal or secondary, though in many cases they reveal much wider trends.     Just to get an idea of how Libya is sinking into the darkness of Islamism, it could be useful to Tripoli’s sports authorities have forbidden their national women’s team to take part in a tournament that is currently being played in Germany. The Libyan football federation’s reason for its decision was Ramadan.  The team had been forced to practice in secret locations  protected by armed guards due to the threats they had received from Muslim extremists. “The Federation told us that we could not play in Germany because of the fasting,” said  midfielder Hadhoum el-Alabed to the British newspaper The Gu