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Europe will collapse because it resembles Italy

This a translation of an article by Dr. Luigi Marco Bassani which appeared on the Italian newspaper Libero on June 19, 2012. It seemed interesting to me for the analogy the author sees between the European situation and the financial situation of his own country: Italy.     Your comments will be greatly appreciated. Thank you, (special thanks to J.J.P. who reviewed my English text). Leonardo Pavese Europe will collapse because it looks exactly like Italy. By Luigi Marco Bassani. (Translation and adaptation by Leonardo Pavese). Europe is undoubtedly going through the most serious crisis since the end of the Second World War. A tiny and peripheral nation (Greece) is going to the polls as we speak. Their vote won’t save them or the Euro — but maybe it could just postpone the disaster. The present crisis is nothing but the final settling of the accounts, on a continental scale, of the Market vs. State conflict, which has afflicted European politics for the last century.