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The Euro and more nonsense.

This is the second article by Antonio Martino which I have translated into English. If you'd like to know who Antonio Martino is, please check out the first post: Switzerland: the Forgotten Miracle. The following article is a critique of an editorial  which Angelo Panebianco , an important Italian editorialist and a professor of Political Science at the University of Bologna , published on the Corriere della Sera , the most widely read Italian newspaper. Angelo Panebianco Martino's critique is important because it points out the main flaw that unfortunately, I think, mars the thinking of many European and especially Italian intellectuals. That is, the contradictory idea that overarching super-national structures are needed to guarantee democracy and that the self-determination, the freedom and the well being of the European people depend on transnational organization which are nearly unaccountable to voters.. It is symptomatic of a certain a