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One Hand Always Points to the Truth

The Clock of Palazzo Vecchio and the Florentine Detective. By Roberto Vacca. To everyone he was VP, not as in Vice President, but as in Vice Padrino. He was very self-confident. He was feared from Vegas to Miami, from Como to Capo Passero. Everyone obeyed him. He said: “Special agent Patrick O’Cuillenain followed me all the way here to Italy. That Irish son-of-a-bitch is going around saying he’s here just as a tourist. But he’s really sticking his nose where he’s not supposed to. I am gonna waste him myself.” His cousin objected: “VP, no. Do not expose yourself. We can send one of the boys.” “No, I’m gonna do it myself. This is personal.” Agent O’Cuillenain was pleased with his escort. Jack Ryan was an old friend. He was also Irish and spoke Italian well. O’Cuillenain had also hit it off with the Italian Florentine Carabinier Carlo Guarducci. He had sized the Italian up right away as smart, confident and reliable. The three of them had eaten in a very good resta