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Earth Day? Maybe another time, thanks.

This my contribution to Earth Day. It's a translation of an article from a newsletter I receive from the Italian Bruno Leoni Institute, or IBL.    The Institute is a Libertarian think tank which promotes the ideas of the free market, in the sense of the free unfettered interaction among free individuals. It's a good piece. I hope I did it justice and I hope you will enjoy it. Your comments will be greatly appreciated. Thank you, L. Pavese Why we don't celebrate Earth Day. By Carlo Stagnaro . (Translated and edited by Leonardo Pavese).  On April 22nd 2012, being a Sunday a lot of middle class people probably spent Earth Day complaining, while they were unwrapping their sweets, about other people’s carelessness toward the environment, about the evils of capitalism, which destroys everything, and about the tomatoes, which don’t taste like they used to. At the same time, more than 1.3 billion human beings spent their day li

A Question of Dung

Central Park drive, New York, circa 1870 What if, one hundred years from now, our descendants laughed about our environmental problems? By Giacomo Lev Mannheimer (Translated by L. Pavese) Back in 1898, politicians, local administrators, architects, geographers and engineers from around the world met in New York City for the first international urban planning convention. What prompted people from all over the world to gather around a table to discuss the planning of cities? Surely it was not to discuss land allocation, housing policies, economic development and not even infrastructure upgrading. The basic reason for the meeting, as explained in an interesting paper by Eric Morris (UCLA) , was the problems created by the increase in the number of horses in the cities. The use of horses in urban areas was not certainly a novelty, but, at the end of the 1800’s, it had already had consequences that were unimaginable before: the growth in the number of horses in the citi