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Falling from Great Heights.

This is the second article by Roberto Vacca I have translated. I am very pleased to be able to publish his writings on this blog. If you are interested to know more about Prof. Vacca, his website (in Italian and in English) is right here ; and if you would like to read the first article I translated and published on the blog, click here . This is an interesting piece. Your comments, as always, will be greatly appreciated. L. Pavese Falling from Great Heights By Roberto Vacca Translated and re-elaborated (a bit) by Leonardo Pavese Lieutenant Giovanni Badalini of the Italian Royal Air Force completed 180 bombing missions over Malta. He was awarded one gold medal and two silver medals for military valor. On July 13, 1943, his S.M. 79 tri-motor bomber was shot down by a British fighter and dove to the ground. Badalini was ejected from the aircraft and fell at a speed greater than 310 mph. His parachute opened almost immediately and decelerate