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Could have it worked on Malta?

        The Taking of Corfu.       By Roberto Gentilli (Translated by L. Pavese)              Corfu, or Kérkyra (Corcyra), is the northernmost of the Ionian Islands. Its elongated and sinuous surface measures about mi² 226 and lays just a few miles off the coast of Epirus, just south of the Strait of Otranto. The high commands of the three Italian armed forces had begun to take into consideration the occupation of the Ionian Islands as early as in the summer of 1940, as the first phase of the military operations against Greece. The operation was code-named “G Emergency”, and the occupation was going to be accomplished by a landing of the Royal Army Infantry Division "Bari". On October 13, 1940,  General Badoglio  transmitted to the Italian Royal Navy the advanced notice for the readying of the naval assets necessary for the landing, to which the Italian Royal Air Force (and specifically the 4 th  Squadra Aerea based in Apulia, and the Air Force of Alban