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Italian Album

    Every now and then, I find beautiful and interesting historical pictures of Italian aircraft and the people around them, probably rarely seen in the Anglosphere.      I hope you will find them interesting too.      Your comments will be greatly appreciated.        Thank you.      Rome, Centocelle Airport (now closed), April 15, 1909. The Wright brothers were in Italy to show their airplane and hopefully win over more clients. The first airplane to fly in Italy had been Delagrange’s Voisin, on May 25,1908.      1919. The Royal Army wants to contribute to the development of air transportation. A SVA (Savoia Verduzio Ansaldo) of the 66th Fighter Squadriglia of the Italian Royal Army is loading the mail for the Pisa, Piacenza, Milan, Turin postal route.      The Caproni Ca.1 (Ca.300 HP)  three-engine airplane was a former bomber, re-designated Ca. 31 and Ca.32 in the post-war period and modified for passenger service with the installation of