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Green Monster to the Rescue

The Environmentalist Crusade recruits Godzilla. by Stefano Magni (Translated by L. Pavese) Imagine an early summer afternoon, you go to see Godzilla , with the obvious intention to have fun, to see nice special effects and, most of all, to admire, on the big screen, a story about the great struggle of Man against Nature gone mad. But instead, what do you find? A movie that overflows with environmentalist rhetoric from beginning to end. Now, that Godzilla was a green monster (and as tall as a mountain, in this latest American version) was already known for the last sixty years; but his recruiting by the Environmentalist Crusade is just the last piece of news from an increasingly ideologized Hollywood. A hint to ecology, a criticism of destructive and not always creative science was already present in the original 1954 Gojira (anglicized in Godzilla ), directed by Ishiro Honda. The first Godzilla was, in fact, the monstrous incarnation of the atomic