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After all, it rhymes with arsonists...

            …Peronists, that is.            Peronists in fact, that is, supporters of Argentine President Juan Domingo Perón, in that tragic year 1955, unleashed their rage against the Catholic Church who, in their view, was trying to subvert the government of the country. It was inevitable that the Peronist ideal of an all-encompassing state, through which individuals realize their full potential, came in conflict with the Christian social doctrine, as it had happened in Italy during Benito Mussolini’s rule. But in Argentina that conflict degenerated into a true war which, as terrible as it was, was only a facet of the larger and bloody conflict, known in Spanish as the Revolución Libertadora, that eventually led to the toppling of Perón’s presidency and to his exile.       This interesting post assumes that the readers know more than an average people know about Argentine President Juan Domingo Perón and Argentinian politics and history, and I hope that this first installment will st