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Let the slaughter begin.

                               The following is the translation from Italian of a chapter of Gabriele Adinolfi's book Orchestra Rossa, published by AVATAR editions. The subtitle of the book reads: "Massacres: the truth that may not be told." The massacres began with the ruthless bombing of a Milan branch of the Banca Nazionale dell'Agricoltura in 1969. That year marked the beginning of a bloody terrorist campaign in Italy. The truth about who carried it out cannot be told, at least openly, because it conflicts with the official version of the events, that has been enshrined now in books, films, documentaries and sadly even in the final decisions issued by some Italian courts.  The disastrous Italian defeat in WWII was followed by the total loss of sovereignty of the Italians over their own land. The defeat turned Italy from an open battlefield to a terrain disputed in a covered war among foreign and domestic combatants, which turned sanguinary during the 1970's