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Entertained to Death

                                Hollywood and the "stars" have established the bridgehead for the spreading of Buddhism in the Western world. We are referring to the actors, the singers, the soccer players or simply the “famous people,” that is, that large crowd that performs in the mediatic circus of cinematography, television, newspapers and magazines: beings who were kissed by luck and, therefore, rose to notoriety. They offer to the international public their model of behavior, regardless if the public accepts it or not. T herefore, advertising to the public a new way of life is an unavoidable aspect of their job.         T his is another excerpt from Roberto Dal Bosco's book "Contro il Buddismo."  (The first one, which was published a short while ago on this pages, relates to the uprising of the "peaceful" Vietnamese Buddhists that led to the toppling of the government of South Viet Nam in 1963.) We hope to publish the book very soon in