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The Republic's Wings.

              This a mainly photographic post, but it is significant because these pictures are relatively rare and they were probably never published in the Unites States. T he article appeared on the No. 113 issue of   Ali Antiche ,  the magazine of G.A.V.S., the Italian organization for the preservation of historical aircraft, and it was published here with their permission. When Italy Exported Airplanes By Giancarlo Polidori   (Translated by L. Pavese) The period between the two world wars was a time of great achievements for the Italian aviation industry. The long distance cruises in formation and the record-setting flights were followed by a considerable activity of export.           More than 1,500 aircraft were sold throughout the world, more than 100 of which went to the Austrian Republic.  For Italy that was a great economic boost, but it was also a means of obtaining strategic raw material for which there was a great need. For every aircraft sold,