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The Balkan Side of Syria

Sarajevo   The European Implications of a War among Muslims . By Luca Susic (translated by L. Pavese)   It looked like the case had been definitively closed in April of 2013, when Croatian President Ivo Josipovich firmly declared that his country did not sell weapons to the Syrian rebels but rather to the Kingdom of Jordan. But a few days ago, several Croatian newspapers resumed the offensive, repeating that, during the first seven months of 2013, Croatia sold material worth more than 26 M€ (millions of Euros) to the Syrian anti-government forces. In fact, according to the newspapers, the export of light weapons was organized through Jordan, and the incredible increase of sales to the Middle Eastern kingdom is offered as evidence. President Josipovich According to Mr. Danko Radaljac (a reporter for the daily Novi List) in the course of her first twenty years of independence Croatia supplied Amman weapons worth a total of just $ 1.035, basically

The Frontier

"Ukraine," in the old Slavic language, meant "the borderland," or "the frontier." Today the old name acquires a new meaning, while  anti-government protesters are in the streets, demanding a closer relation with western Europe, to which they feel the Ukraine culturally belongs, and demonstrating against what they perceive as a pro-Russian stance on the part of President Yanukovich. The Ukrainian Greco-Catholic Church, which has re-emerged after almost a century of communist persecution, is trying to play a pacifying role, during these turbulent times in the "borderland," but it is essentially still perceived as a "foreign influence," and it is running the risk to be driven underground again. The following article, by Stefano Magni,  is interesting, because many conservative Catholics in western Europe (certainly in Italy), faced with the secular, atheist drift taken recently by the European Union, which is becoming more and