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Resistance will be futile

      "Resistance is futile," the villain would say on a popular TV show. In this case, it was suicide.      During the last days of the summer of 1943, the Italian Royal Air Force, which was the aggressor in the Mediterranean just three years before, is now facing overwhelming enemy forces. The Allies have conquered North Africa, they landed in Sicily on the 10th of July and now they dominate the sky over the Italian mainland.      What follows is the translation of a few pages of the diary of an Italian pilot who lived through those tragic days before the Armistice of September 8. He's flying a Macchi C 200: a fighter designed by Dr. Castoldi , the designer of the racing record setting seaplanes of the Schneider Cup. However, the C 200 is not fast. It flew for the first time in 1937, and even then it was barely adequate. Now, in 1943, it could be considered only a light fighter. Although it could easily outmaneuver any aircraft that the enemy flies, it doesn&